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triptych is

Branding Design & Production

For SMEs and organisations anywhere in the UK.

What triptych does

We talk to you… ask you questions… find out what it is you want from your company, and where you want it to go. That lets us help you grow your company or organisation with ideas and solutions using traditional and contemporary marketing methods.


Triptych publishes a monthly glossy magazine for a London community, handling all aspects of design, copywriting, photography, print management and web and social media. We also handle advertising and accounting for the publication.

Brand Identity

We understand the importance of branding to any organisation or company and advocate the ‘simple is best’ mantra.

Web Development

From large database driven websites for SMEs to small, single-page sites for one-man-bands, we know that a website is still the most important window into a company. It’s not ALL about social media…

Business Strategy

It might sound old-fashioned to some, but you still need to get the ‘big picture’ in business – especially when it comes to where marketing fits into that picture. We can take a snapshot of your business and analyse it to find your solutions.

Social Media Management

Having well-managed Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages are essential nowadays for any business. We can help you create, manage or develop these, leaving you time to run your business.


High impact, quality photography is always going to attract clients to your website or publications. We can either source the best available stock photography or commission unique shots for you.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Sometimes it helps to stand away from the problem… let someone else take a look at it from a different angle. That’s where we can help.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Tea

Why we are different

Years of experience from a diverse background in PR, marketing and design. Working in very diverse fields ranging from education and charity sectors through to religion and entertainment… throw in some travel, auto industry, dentistry and estate agencies for good measure.

Our Latest Work

A few examples of some of our more recent work…

Our Skills

A great mix of skills in a company really make you look good. At Triptych we know what we’re good at… and we know where to find great exponents of what we know we are not so good at!
At Triptych we like to show off our skills – not in a boastful way, but just so you know what we can do – in case you might need our help! This graph shows our current capacity in various skills so that you know where we can help your business.
  • Branding – 55%
  • Web Development – 65%
  • Graphic Design – 75%
Put your business in the frame with a dynamic and intelligently-designed website.

Award winning Design?

I’d love to say that we had won countless awards from major bodies in the design industry… but that just wouldn’t be true! In fact we are usually too busy to be chasing awards – simply working with our clients to create clean, comprehensible and attractive websites, publications and graphic design.




From Our Clients
If you want to know how good a company is, then ask its clients!
“Working with Triptych is always a joy… plenty of humour and lots of good ideas.” David Hatch

Director, Alex Neil Estate Agents

“Triptych are a delight to work with… they have an innate understanding of what will look good and more importantly for me, they know all the technical aspects, which befuddle me!” Julie Rhodes

Creative Director, Purple Lobster Events

“It’s a relief to have found such a resourceful and reliable company to work with. I only have to tell them what I want and it’s done!” John Webb

Editor, Stragazing Enterprises

“Great ideas, great technical knowledge and great in a crisis! I’m so pleased to have found Triptych – it’s a great marketing resource for a small business like ours.” Barbara Whiting

Manager, 71Southwood

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